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We provide the full range of engineering, acquisition and management services using in-house expertise and a network of entrepreneurial small businesses and experienced aerospace engineers.


  • Program Management

  • Requirements Definition

  • Systems Engineering

  • Ops Analysis & ConOps

  • Performance Analysis

  • Conceptual Design

  • Test Planning

  • Simulation and Wargaming

  • Proposal Development


We are focused on leading edge technologies and programs that ensure rapid, reliable, safe and cost effective access to, and operations in, space for national security, human exploration and space commercialization.


  • Responsive Launch

  • Space Solar Power

  • Space Control

  • Orbital Debris

  • Space Situational Awareness

  • Hypersonic Flight

  • Space Exploration

  • Space Commercialization

Strategic Program Development and Program Management

Poulos Air & Space was formed to provide Strategic Program Development, Proposal Management, and Program Management services for small and medium sized businesses interested in penetrating the DoD, Civil and Commercial Space markets. We have direct experience working with the Air Force Space and Missiles Systems Center (SMC), the Air Force’s space systems acquisition agency, the various Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) across the nation, the local large and mid-sized prime contractors, the Federally Funded Research and Develop Centers (FFRDCs) and other University Affiliated Research Centers UARCs across the nation which service the National Security Space, NASA, and commercial space markets.


Based on years of hands on experience developing business opportunities, managing winning proposal teams, and managing programs and contracts for DARPA, SMC and AFRL customers; we offer a full range of Strategic Program Development, Proposal Management, and Program Management services including:


  • Initial market analysis to identify penetration points,

  • Building, resourcing, and executing strategic marketing plans,

  • Managing a disciplined proposal development process, and

  • Helping our customers develop their program management team and processes to ensure successful completion of the contracts they win.


Successfully entering the National Security Space market in particular, or the civil, commercial or entrepreneurial space markets, is a difficult and time consuming process that requires discipline and experience. However, with the right approach, the benefits can be well worth the investment. Poulos Air & Space has the experience and customer knowledge base to help you optimize the payback for each and every precious dollar that you plan to invest to enter or expand your presence in this market. Early investments helping focus efforts at the start of a strategic campaign will cost less in the long run than bringing another, more expensive, team onboard to later help recover the ground that has been lost.

Requirements Analysis and Concept of Operations Development

A clear understanding of system level requirements and detailed knowledge of how to integrate and operate new systems and capabilities as part of a complex system of systems is integral to developing a successful strategic marketing and business development campaign that can be transitioned that into a full scale development program.  Helping a customer manage their requirements and CONOPs development processes requires a unique blend of operational and system development experience.


The leadership team at Poulos Air & Space has direct experience operating air, space, naval surface and aviation, and ground combat systems and planning and conducting combat operations. We have managed advanced concept design teams for large aerospace prime contractors and small high tech entrepreneurial companies. We have supported government customers to develop and document realistic and executable operational requirements, as well as internal corporate customers to develop the advanced concepts and systems which address those requirements.

Leveraging our experience managing requirements processes for both government and industry customers, Poulos Air & Space can offer a range of services to customers to help them manage their requirements development, documentation and approval processes from start to finish.


  • We have the tools and processes to support, or alternatively manage, a customer’s operational requirements development and approval processes. This includes devolving requirements from generalized national level directives and instructions down to, and including, the theater and local operational commander’s intent, and then turning those into firm parametrics.


  • We have the tools and processes to support, or alternatively manage, a customer’s technical requirements analysis and definition processes. The end product of this service is a fully documented requirements analysis and database giving the customer clear insight into the details and implications of all requirements; including direct, indirect and implied requirements.


  • Using a range of techniques from detailed technical analysis and system level modeling, virtual simulation, wargaming, virtual and live experimentation, and system level test and evaluation, we can help customers demonstrate and validate operational requirements, CONOPS, and technical requirements.


And lastly, though the importance of it is often overlooked, we have the tools to help our customers develop visualizations to clearly demonstrate system level CONOPS and integration of their products to today’s warfighters, tomorrow’s explorers, and the critical acquisition decision-makers.


Understanding, documenting, and rigorously tracking system level requirements and CONOPs are critical elements required for success in any space venture. Poulos Air & Space has the demonstrated experience successfully applying these principals during numerous advanced concept development programs both in industry and while supporting the government, and are eager to help our customers and partners manage their requirements analysis and concept of operations processes.

Engineering and Performance Analysis and Design Services

At Poulos Air & Space we live by the adage “A vision without a task is but a dream, a task without a vision is drudgery, a vision and a task is the hope of the world.” We are dedicated to helping our clients realize the vision of a secure future that includes robust human exploration and colonization of space. The only way to achieve this vision is through disciplined systems engineering, analysis, and design processes. Our team has years of experience working in the advanced concepts divisions of the major DoD prime contractors where systems engineering has been turned into a professional discipline. In addition, we have worked in smaller entrepreneurial companies where imagination is encouraged and which are the incubators of genuinely advanced concepts. We have taken the best of both of those worlds and turned it into our business model.


The key to developing the advanced hypersonic aircraft, responsive space access, space situational awareness, space protection systems, and revolutionary space systems, such as Space Solar Power, which push the state of the art and yet which can actually be transitioned from concept to deployed system, is strict adherence to disciplined systems engineering processes.


Poulos Air & Space has the necessary experience, developed through years of managing design and analysis teams on DoD, DARPA, NASA and other programs, to rapidly and effectively integrate the necessary design tools in a disciplined systems engineering process so as to generate those new, innovative, and achievable solutions to today’s critical problems that will ultimately enable a safe and secure future and a robust human space exploration enterprise.

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